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A Crossword Caper 1.0

A Crossword Caper is a very enjoyable and challenging word game
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A Crossword Caper is a very enjoyable word game in which you need to form words with the letters given in order to move the character to the target area and get to the next level. Words need to have at least three letters to be valid. With every word you create you score points and your character moves closer to the target zone and you need to create a word using any of letters used in the previous word you have created. If you cannot find a word, you can shuffle the letters, but there are no more help options, so it's pretty challenging. On your way to the target area, you can collect different items which give you extra points by placing letters over them.

The game offers two modes: Quick play and Classic mode. In classic mode, you will move from place to place to reach the Science Fair and the game gets more and more challenging. On the contrary, in the Quick play you select any of the available locations and when you complete it, you can play any other and so on. These levels are pretty challenging, so I think that you should first play the other mode. The game also offers three difficulty levels for different skills, nice graphics and sounds, and suitable music.

To conclude, if you like word games, you will surely enjoy A Crossword Caper.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Challenging and enjoyable
  • Lovely graphics
  • Two modes
  • Three difficulty levels
  • Free


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